Method and apparatus for signaling control information of uplink packet data service in mobile communication system

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A method and apparatus for transmitting control information relating to an uplink packet data service from a user equipment (UE) to a Node B in a mobile communication system are provided. MAC-es protocol data units (PDUS) including data of an upper layer and a control service data unit (SDU) including control information of a MAC layer are multiplexed and contained in a MAC-e protocol data unit (PDU) transmitted in an uplink from the UE during one transmission period. In a header of the MAC-e PDU a header part corresponding the control SDU contains a data description indicator (DDI) field set as a specific value representing that the control information is transmitted and a header part corresponding to the MAC-es PDU contains a DDI field which represents a MAC-e flow and a logical channel relating to uplink packet data included in the second PDU and a data size. Node B detects the control information from the control SDU based on the DDI field set as the specific value. Since the header part representing the control information has a structure similar to the header part representing the MAC-es PDU the structure of the header is simplified and the header size of the packet is minimized.


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