Simultaneous reporting of ACK/NACK and channel-state information using PUCCH format 3 resources

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A new uplink control channel capability is introduced to enable a mobile terminal to simultaneously report multiple packet receipt status bits and channel-condition bits. In an example embodiment implemented in a mobile terminal the mobile terminal (first determines ( 1310) that channel-state information and hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK bits corresponding to a plurality of downlink subframes or a plurality of downlink carriers or both are scheduled for transmission in an uplink subframe. The mobile terminal then determines (1320) whether the number of the hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK bits is less than or equal to a threshold number. If so the mobile terminal transmits (1330) both the channel-state information and the hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK bits in physical control channel resources of the first uplink subframe on a single carrier. In some embodiments the number of the hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK bits considered in the previously summarized technique represents a number of ACK/NACK bits after ACK/NACK bundling.


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